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Welcome to PICTDA

The establishment and empowerment of Plateau Information and Communication Technology Development Agency (PICTDA) is imperative to establish good practices in terms of processes, governance control over the investments made and that will continue to be made in ICT and to achieve a solid foundation through ICT infrastructure architecture, systems design and work processes which will continue to support a robust ICT facility throughout the State. In the long-term, these policies will greatly assist the ease with which PICTDA can react to new challenges and adopt new technologies aimed at increasing efficiencies and create positive impacts for all PLSG stakeholders.

PICTDA shall develop policies, standards, guidelines, and frameworks as well as capabilities, skillsets, and resources that will add strategic value and increase business productivity within Plateau State Government and the entire state.

Our Vision

Plateau State to be among the best three ICT Hubs in West Africa by 2025

Our Mission

We aim to achieve our Vision By creating a knowledge-driven eco-system, leveraging entrepreneurship and promoting socially inclusive growth.


The following are the core objectives for the formation of the Plateau State ICT Development Agency (PICTDA)

  1. Regulate ICT activities in Plateau State in-line with existing laws.
  2. Develop policies, standards, guidelines, and frameworks to guide the development of ICT and ICT operations in Plateau State in accordance with industry best practices.
  3. Build a robust ICT infrastructure and solutions that will deliver the appropriate level of data availability, confidentiality, and integrity.
  4. Develop appropriate skills and resources to support the ICT infrastructure
  5. Incorporate effective best practices and policies in the management of ICT operations
  6. Maximize value for money from existing and future technology investments.
  7. Incorporate effective governance and project management practices to promote a close alignment between PICTDA and other MDAs of Plateau State Government.
  8. Strengthen the use of collaboration to improve public/private, inter-ministerial and agency communications workflows.
  9. Establish a plan for regular replacement of key hardware and software.
  10. To use ICT to explore opportunities for enhancing revenue generation in a sustainable manner.
  11. To develop comprehensive and sustainable plans for all ICT projects in the state.


PICTDA is responsible for ICT operations of the Plateau State Government for outsourcing ICT projects and for managing the implementation life-cycle for such projects. These responsibilities include

  1. Develop and implement a strategic plan which enunciates the way technology is to be used in realizing the ICT vision and mission of Plateau State Government.
  2. Manage the procurement and implementation of ICT resources in the State.
  3. Handle all software licenses in accordance with the developer's intellectual property rights/Service Level Agreement.
  4. Ensure ICT hardware, software and other resources are managed in a manner consistent with industry best practices
  5. Provide users with all necessary training to enable them to utilize ICT resources effectively and efficiently.
  6. Collaborate and be involved in all ICT related partnerships in linkage for the development of the State.


  1. Chief Executive Office
  2. Network Infrastructure and Data Center Support Department
  3. Application Development and E-Governance Department
  4. Consultancy and Training Department
  5. Project Management, Procurement and Maintenance Support Department
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